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An adjustable locking chock system having individually moveable teeth for pre-locking alignment with a rack of a jacking system for a jack-up rig unit, and movable as a group into locking engagement with the rack. BACKGROUND ART. A dispositive treatise on jack-up rig units, rack-and-pinion type jacking systems, and rack chocks, including other An Introduction to Offshore Drilling and Jack-Up Rigs by Jul 16, 2014 · Tug boats towing a jack-up rig into position How the offshore drilling industry works. The oil and gas industry, as a whole, is considered to be a stream of activities from the upstream activities (getting natural resources from the ground) to the downstream activities (purifying them for use as fuel or plastic and other things).Offshore drilling is very much an upstream activity.

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Mar 05, 1999 · A "frozen" rack chock of a jack-up rig is released by a moving force imparted on the rack chock by a worm gear assembly. The worm gear assembly has a tooth wheel with a plurality of teeth and a worm gear member provided with a worm thread that engages the teeth for transmitting rotational force from a drive motor to the tooth wheel. DNVGL-RP-0075 Inspection and maintenance of jacking On some rig designs, a stronger, stiffer connection between the rack and jack-case - called a rack fixation device - is used to support the rig while it is not being elevated (or lowered). These are made in the form of reversed racks that are clamped into position after the rig is elevated and removed when the rig is ready to be moved. Guide for Survey and Inspection of Jacking Systemsfor inspection of Rack and Pinion jacking gear at Special Periodical Survey of Hull for Self-Elevating Drilling Units. This Guide provides more details regarding the examination of open and closed type jacking systems of a Self-Elevating Drilling Units. The maintenance crew

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Jackup Structures Alliance, Inc. (JSA) 10850 Richmond Avenue, Ste 205 Houston, Texas 77042 USA. Tel:+1.713.910.7556 Fax:+1.832.201.0626 info Jack Up Legs EEW GroupColumn-shaped legs. In addition to jack-up legs made out of rack and chord segments, EEW also manufactures column-shaped components. This type of jack-up legs is manufactured from large steel pipes. Using our plants located directly on the harbour in Rostock (Germany) and Gwangyang (South Korea), we are in a position to manufacture ready-to-use Jack up Rig Rack/Chord - Sea Hercules CranesJack up Rig Rack/Chord Raw Water Tower Design and Manufacture Jacking System Upgrades and Conversions Offshore Services Onsite Service and Repairs Professional High Quality Fabricated Products. Fabrication of high tensile components:Welded Rack-Chord; Rack and Pinions

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Jack-up units that have rack and pinion elevating systems have the interface between the racks and pinions in one of two configurations - two opposed pinions or a single radial pinion on each chord. All jacking system exert vertical and horizontal forces on the leg at the pinion/rack interface (as contact area is not horizontal). KOBELCO Group NewsRacks and Chords are Fabricated by Heavy Section Butt Welding The leg of a jack-up rig (Fig. 3) has heavy sections reaching, for racks, approximately 180 mm and uses high tensile strength steels with yield strengths of 500, 550 and 690 MPa. Rack-to-rack joints are butt welded by SAW, where the rack passes through the chord (Fig. 4). Rack Phase Difference Standard Offshore Consultants and Jun 27, 2019 · Rack Phase Difference RPD. Part 1:What is RPD. This post is the first in a series about Rack Phase Difference RPD. Everyone ever involved with truss-legged jack-ups has heard of this phenomenon, yet understanding of the implications and even the definition widely differs between parts of the industry, between companies and between people.

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A locking apparatus and method for an offshore jackup rig having at least one leg extending through the hull and at least one set of rack teeth attached to each of the legs. One or more locking bars are supported from the hull and are movable in a direction substantially normal to the face of the rack teeth. A piston and cylinder power assembly moves the bars towards the teeth and a retention Jacking System Equipment for Onshore & Offshore Rigs Offshore jack-up rigs are the widely used in the worlds oil & gas exploration, of which the key parts are legs and jacking systems. Currently, TSC is one the worldwide first -tier jacking system manufacturers globally recognized. TSC can offer jacking system used for the most jack-up (s) in the world. TSC is committed to providing superior