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CEDAM base de donnees des alliages de metaux, metal

4046 4047 4047 Aluminium 4047A 4047H 404R 405 405 BEDEL 405 ISS 405 SS 405 STAINLESS 405 alloy 405.1 405.2 405/S40500 4053 4054 4057-431-00-X 405F00 405R 405S17 4062-322-02-U 4063 4063H 4068 4068H 406R 407 407.5 407R 408 R 40800 408R 409 409 ALMZ 409 HYFORM 409 LI 409 SS 409/AL 409 HP 409Cb 409Cb STAINLESS 409F00 409L 409M1 409M1S 409Nb 409Ni CEDAM base de donnees des alliages de metaux, metal a a 1/1 a 2/1 a 2/2 a 2/3 a 2/4 a 3/1 a 3/2 a 4/1 a 4/2 a 4/3 a 4/4 a durcissement structural a nickel a schiffbaustahl a&d 2219 a&d 7010 a&d 7020 a&d t40 a&d ta4de a&d ta6v a&d ta6zr4de a&d ta6zr5d a-0 a-10 a-10 tool steel a-100 a-10s a-10spb a-11 a-1110 a-1120 a-1130 a-1131 a-1132 a-1140 a-1141 a-1142 a-1150 a-12 a-1200 a-1201 a-1202 a-1203 a

Heat reatment Steel plate,Heat reatment Steel pipe - Steel

Heat reatment introduction normalizing:heat the steel to above the AC3 or ACCM 30-50 ° C, holding for some time, put out from the furnace , and cool in air or by water, spray,wind.The Intent of this Technology is to make the grain in steel refine and carbide distribute uniformly. hardenning / quenching heats up the steel to critical temperature Ac3 (hypo-eutectoid steel) or Ac1 (hyper ASME SA455|SA-455|ASME-SA-455 boiler quality material May 25, 2015 · ASME SA455|SA-455|ASME-SA-455 boiler quality material steel . Steel Grade:ASME SA455,ASTM A455 boiler quality steel plates. Relative steel grades:P265GH,P295GH,P355GH,16Mo3,15Mo3,A204 Grade A,A285 Grade C,SA299 Grade A,SA387,A516 Grade 70,A537 Class 1,SPV355,Q345R.. Main application:Boiler steel plates are used to build boilers